Redcar Ghostsigns

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Around the top of Redcar Lane are four old painted signs, none of which are stunning examples, but I thought I should record them all before they disappear.

Pine and Cane (closed within the last 5 years I think)
Pine & Cane - Redcar Ghostsign

Cycle World (closed within the last 10 years I think)
Cycle World - Redcar Ghostsign

Begg Travel (don’t recall this personally, perhaps the oldest of the bunch ?)
Begg Travel - Redcar Ghostsign

Zetland Cafe (closed more recently, might be reopening ?)
Zetland Cafe - Redcar Ghostsign

The Redcar Rollercoaster

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An amusement park opened in Redcar in 1924 on a 15 year lease. The park contained a large covered skating rink, ‘Hilarity Hall’, ‘Noahs Ark’ and  ‘River Caves’


The big attraction was a wooden rollercoaster called the ‘Giant Racer’ (called a ‘scenic railway’ on the OS map)

Redcar Racer

Aerial photos fortunately exist too of the Giant Racer and River Caves rides.


This film footage of the Giant Racer and River Caves rides also exists.

The site closed in 1938 when the lease ran out, and was used for building Sandringham and Buckingham Road. The Giant Racer was disassembled and moved to Sheerness, although its life there was cut short by the outbreak of war, the site later became Butlins in 1945.

Chop Gate Mystery Stone Marker

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Located on a bridge at the edge of Chop Gate, i’ve been puzzling over this one for a week and cannot locate any references to it online.
Chop Gate stone
My best guess is the third line is ‘LANDRO’ and the fourth line “ADEND’ if you ignore the lack of spaces that could be “…land Road End”

I suspect its a parish boundary and could be a roadmens stone like the one at Rosedale / Farndale

Blue Lagoon / Nunthorpe Quarry / Langbaugh Quarry / Donkey Pond / Lonsdale Quarry

This is something that gets commented on again and again, even many years after my original post on one of the locations. I think the main reason for all the confusion is there are at least three sites, all in disused whinstone quarries, all look similar.
The name ‘Blue Lagoon’ never appears on maps either so your ‘Blue Lagoon’ might not be someone elses ‘Blue Lagoon’

I believe the location most people who visited in the 1970’s would have known as the Blue Lagoon was around Langbaugh Quarry and Nunthorpe Quarry, between Great Ayton and Nunthorpe, now the location of the Whinstone View Bistro.
The 1970s OS map shows three pools here, which also ties in with peoples recollections of being able to dive under the water and emerge in other areas.
This location no longer exists, it was filled in, as you can see from aerial views today.

In more recent times people have started to call the Donkey Pond the ‘Blue Lagoon’, this is about 0.5 mile E of the Gribdale Gate car park, also an old whinstone quarry.
Donkey Pond, Gribdale, Flooded Whinstone Workings

The third location is Lonsdale Quarry which is on private property about 0.5 miles NE of Kildale. This location was used by Jack Hatfield to practice swimming for the 1912 Olympics.


Here’s a recent photo by a friend who had permission to visit.

Over the years i’ve picked up a couple of photos, its hard to say which location is which and i’m afraid I don’t recall where I got them from so if they are yours let me know so I can credit you.
Blue LagoonRay Simpson between Great Ayton and Nunthorpe 1958 / 59
Blue Lagoon2

Albert Park Tree Plaques, Middlesbrough

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There are a large variety of plaques in the park associated with trees planted for major events.  I’m sure i’ve missed some.

Mayor Charles Willman Esq
Jubilee of Middlesbrough
6th October 1881

There should be another planted by Lord Frederick Cavendish according to records from the day.
Charles Williams Middlesbrough Jubille Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Mayoress of Middlesbrough
Councillor Mrs H. M. Levick M.D.
Centerary of Middlesbrough
7th July 1931
Mrs H.M. Levick Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Chairman of Parks Committee
Councillor Emanuel Spence J.P.
Centerary of Middlesbrough
10th July 1931
Emanuel Spence JP Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Captain H.C.R. Bolckow
Centerary of Middlesbrough
7th October 1931
Captain H.C.R. Bolckow Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Mayoress of Middlesbrough
Mrs Thomas K Briggs
Royal Silver Jubilee King George V and Queen Mary
6th May 1935
Mrs Thomas K Briggs, Silver Jubilee Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Mayoress of Middlesbrough
Mrs Geo Carter
Corononation King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
12th May 1937
Mrs Geo. Carter Coronation Tree Plaque, Albert Park