Henry Pease Statue in Saltburn

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Victorian Industrialist Henry Pease effectively created Saltburn, after having a vision of it on the cliff.
“seated on the hillside he had seen, in a sort of prophetic vision, on the edge of the cliff before him, a town arise and the quiet unfrequented glen turned into a lovely garden.”
The Quaker families influence on the railway and mines in the area is immense.

Henry Pease Sculpture Saltburn 3
Henry Pease Sculpture Saltburn 2

Sculpure by Hilary Cartmel

Henry Pease Sculpture Saltburn 1

Pillbox S0010165, South Gare, Redcar

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This is one if the most obvious pillboxes in the area, sat in the middle of the beach and at high tides in the water.
South Gare, Pillbox S0010165-1
South Gare, Pillbox S0010165-1
As of January 2007 its virtually submerged in sand, last year it was completely uncovered and actually tipped over the other way, see this pic on Freds Photos.

I’m sure it will become uncovered again, its a real display of natural forces at work seeing this thing constantly change.

Guibal Fanhouse “SS Castle”, Eston

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A fantastic building hidden away in the woods, an 1876 fan house to draw fresh air through the mines, the fan inside was 30 feet diameter by 10 feet wide.

Named “SS Castle” due to the wall ties. The layers of graffiti suggest its been a popular haunt for the junior drinkers of Eston and Lazenby for many years.
Guibal Fanhouse Eston 5
Guibal Fanhouse Eston 3
Guibal Fanhouse Eston 4
Guibal Fanhouse Eston 1

The listed building entry calls this “Lovell Drift Fanhouse” but the origin of this is confused. The area was known various as Lazenby Pit / North Drift / Wilton Drift / Eston Quarry / Lowther Quarry bit never Lovell Drift, Lovell Hill is 1 mile to the east.