Redcar Parish Hall, 1980’s

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I don’t recall the date this was demolished, but two buildings have stood on the site at the top of Redcar Lane and Lord Street since.

Redcar Parish Hall 1980sSt David’s Nursing Home which replaced this, burned down on August 20, 2004 and the building was a burnt out shell for many years until a new Nursing Home St Peter’s Court was finished around 2014.

TC Armitage Ghostsign, Shildon

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This photo was sent to me by Aaron late last year, from Maddison Street / Station Street Shildon.
TC Armitage Ghostsign. Shildon
T.C. Armitage.
Radios, Appliances, Electrical Components, Lamps, Fancyware, Toys, Bags, Crockery, Rugs, Mats, General Hardware Dealer, Paraffin.

I suspect it might be gone soon (if not already) as part of the building is already a house and windows have been installed.

Back in 2009 the whole lot was a shell and still had a shop front.