Fighting Cocks Railway Station

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Thank you to Michael Thompson for this contribution.

Officially opened in c1830 as Middleton and Dinsdale station, although it had been an unofficial stop since 1825 being renamed to Fighting Cocks in 1866. The station closed to passengers in 1887. This was due to a new line being constructed between Bank Top Station (Darlington) and Oak Tree Junction, east of Fighting Cocks. The original 1825 line was still used as a bypass when work was required on the new line. Fighting Cocks station closed completely in 1964.

The track bed is now a public footpath and off road cycleway. The platform and station buildings still exist as a private dwelling. Also still in existence is the Station Masters House complete with S&D Railway 1825 plaque.

The area gets it’s name from the then land owner Squire Henry Cocks who died in 1894. The family emblem was three cockerels fighting.

As the station is now a private residence will anyone visiting the site kindly respect the owners privacy.

Old track bed at Fighting Cocks. The station building can just be seen behind the bushes.

The old Station Masters House.

Detail of the S&D Railway 1825 plaque.

All the above photo’s by Michael Thompson.

Fighting Cocks Railway Station (Illustrated London News 1875)

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Ordnance Survey 1896 25″ to 1 mile.