Andrew Mynarski Statue – RAF Middleton St. George

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Andrew Mynarski was a Canadian airman who died on 13th June 1944 when his Lancaster bomber caught fire after being shot down over northern France. He tried to rescue tail gunner Pat Brophy who was trapped in his turret. Mynarski’s parachute and flight suit caught fire and he died shortly after bailing out of severe burns.

Andrew Mynarski - RAF Middleton St. George

Amazingly Pat Brophy survived the fire, crash and the subsequent detonation of the bombs and was able to tell the story of the efforts to same him which resulted in Andrew Mynarski being awarded the Victoria Cross.

Andrew Mynarski - Goosepool

Mynarski was a member of 419 Squadron, who are commemorated nearby along with 420 and 428 Squadrons.

RAF Middleton St. George