Gathering at the Nab

The Friends of the Eston Hills invite ALL to a ceremonial toast marking the return of Eston Nab to public ownership after 1000 years !

A site tour with Craig Hornby explaining the boundaries and the history, a proclamation of public ownership, a ribbon cutting ceremony with 2 guests of honour and a collective popping of the corks ! And a walk to Pit-Top if anybody fancies it!

Bring picnic, tipple of choice or good ol tea and biscuits! More info here

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‘Lucy Oxford’ box, Kirklevington

This old green box carries the inscripton “Lucy Oxford”. William Lucy renamed the Eagle Ironworks after himself in 1873. In the late 1880s they diversified into electrical products, Lucy Switchgear is still in business today.
'Lucy Box' Kirklevington
This is what they would call a service pillar and it may be related to street lighting or telephones in the area, I suspect there are still a lot about although most are more modern versions than this one.
'Lucy Box' Kirklevington

T. Richardson, Hartlepool Iron Works 1851, Moorhouse Estate

Thomas Richardson had acquired the Hartlepool Iron Works in 1847 and this bridge lintel is dated 1851. Although it doesnt appear to be structural as the surround bridge is much newer.
T. Richardson, Hartlepool Iron Works 1851, Moorhouse Estate.
A friend at Network Rail informs me there is a 1940 steel deck built from old rails that carries no tracks.
T. Richardson, Hartlepool Iron Works 1851, Moorhouse Estate.
The live line are carried by a modern steel slab deck installed in 1989.