Mount Snever Observatory

I’m sure i’ll get told off for it not being in Teesside, but its a short drive and its interesting !

Mount Snever Observatory

Mount Snever Observatory was built for John Wormald of Oldstead Hall in 1837/38 to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria.

Mount Snever Observatory

It stands around 40ft tall and is currently locked and inaccessible.

Mount Snever Observatory
One plaque features a modified version of lines from Windsor Forest by Alexander Pope.

‘Here hills and waving groves a scene display
And part admit and part exclude the day
See rich industry smiling on the plains
And peace and plenty tell VICTORIA reigns!
Happy the MAN who to these shades retires
Whom NATURE charms and whom the muse inspires
Who wandering thoughtful in this silent wood
Attends the duties of the wise and good
To observe a mean, be to himself a friend
To follow NATURE and regard his end.’

Mount Snever Observatory

‘John Wormald In the first year of the reign of Queen Victoria caused this observatory to be erected. J Dodds Builder’

Aysdalegate Junction

The posting was originally one I made for my “Our Industrial Heartland” project

One of the critical factors in the success of the industry in our project area was the construction of the Cleveland Railway, this was opened in November 1861 between the Skelton Old Shaft mines and Normanby Jetty, extending toward Boosbeck in 1862.  Branches were also constructed to Slapewath, Stanghow and Aysdalegate mines.
With the construction of the railways came numerous interesting bridges, tunnels and culverts.

This culvert (in orange) carries a stream under the branch line which went to Slapewath Mine
Culvert under branch to Slapewath
This small tunnel (yellow) went under the same branch line, but was dry for livestock and people to cross under the railway.
Underpass on branch to Slapewath
This much more sizeable tunnel (red) passed under the main line.
Underpass below main line at Slapewath branch
Considering they date from the 1860’s, they are all in excellent condition.