Lealholm Phantom Jet Crash – 27th April 1979

A Phantom jet based at the major USAF base at Alconbury crashed in Lealholm at 09:40 on 27th April 1979.
This plaque is at the point the jet crossed the road before disintergrating and killing the Pilot – Major Donald Lee Schuyler and Navigator – Lt Thomas Wheeler

Lealholm Phantom Crash 27th April 1979

Full details of the crash can be found at Aircraft Accidents In Yorkshire

Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds – Lealholm

Long before any state benefits, friendly societies existed to help families financially during times of illness or death in return for a monthly payment. The plaque is above the door of the Shepherds Hall which dates from 1873 (now a tea room)

The branch (No. 1343) was actually established in 1861Loyal Order of the Ancient Shepherds - Lealholm

They still exist today as the Shepherds Friendly Society, offering savings and insurance.

Lealholm 1904 Drinking Fountain

This drinking fountain dated 1904 stands in the centre of the village.
Lealholm 1904 Drinking Fountain
The “FL” motif stands for Sir Francis Ley who was a major benefactor to the village at this time. The village also has a Ley Hall and he was involved in the building of St James Church between 1901 and 1902.
Lealholm 1904 Drinking Fountain
The stand-pipe had the makers mark Ham, Baker and Co. Ltd but this seems to have gone, a metal cup still remains chained to the wall

Lealholm Wesleyan Chapel, Flood Marks

The Wesleyen Chapel built in 1839 is next to the footpath which crosses the Esk via the stepping stones
Wesleyan Chapel, Lealholm Wesleyan Chapel, Lealholm

If you look over the wall there next to the side door, there are a series of levels carved into the wall showing the heights of large floods.

Wesleyan Chapel, Lealholm

The 1930 flood washed away bridges at Egton and Glasdale.

On the day I visited the Esk was swollen with melting snow and the stepping stones were covered, but the chapel is still 50m from the water which shows the extent of those floods.

Wesleyan Chapel, Lealholm