North Eastern Railway stone, Saltburn

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This ‘NER’ stone is in the kerb outside Saltburn Railway station.
Saltburn Station NER Stones
The station was originally opened in 1861 by the ‘Stockton and Darlington Railway’ which became part of the ‘North Eastern Railway’ in 1863 but it could date from then until 1923 when the ‘North Eastern Railway’ became the ‘London and North Eastern Railway’

Langman Chemists Ghostsign, Saltburn

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This old sign is in remarkably good condition on the pale Pease bricks.
Saltburn - Langman Chemist Ghostsign

The shop below is now a Boots, suggesting it got bought out into a chain at some point.
The journals of David Taylor have him working as an errand boy there in 1906.

Middleton Taylor’s manufacturing Chemists and Pharmacists of Station Street, Saltburn, that was my place of employment. The shop is still a chemists, now owned by Mr Langman

Melliships Tiles, Saltburn

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This mosaic doorway stands outside what is now Keith Sports, but was once the Saltburn grocer, wine and spirit merchant of W. Melliship.
Saltburn - Melliships Tiles
Melliships is listed on Milton Street in the 1890 Bulmers directory and its listed on the 1899 Tetley advert below


Harry Gallagher tracked down this entry from the London Gazette which suggests they went bankrupt around 1917.


Saltburn Olympic Yarnbomber Graffiti

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This piece of ‘graffiti’ appeared near the location of the Olympic Yarnbombing on the pier, although it later had a protective plastic cover installed to protect it (a touch ironic don’t you think)
Saltburn - Yarnbomber Graffiti

It is the work of Karl Striker although as of early 2013 the protective plastic has gone and it looked like the wall may be about to be repainted, as the Iron Ammonites were also down.

Saltburn - Iron Ammonites - In Storage

Henry Pease gets an information board

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This was one of the very first locations added to Hidden Teesside way back in January 2007.
Henry Pease Sculpture Saltburn 1
This new information board includes a lot of information on his life and a drawing of the man himelf. Additionally it also credits the sculpture to Michael Johnson not just Hilary Cartmel as I originally stated.
Saltburn - Henry Pease Information Board
The post is set into the ground with some of Saltburns trademark Pease bricks.
Saltburn - Henry Pease Information Board

The board was unveiled by Mayor Denise Bunn on 17th December 2012