Middlesbrough Town Hall Plaques

This foundation stone was laid by Ald. Isaac Fidler. Mayor of Middlesbrough 24 October 1883. G.G. Hoskins F.R.I.B.A Architect. E. Atkinson. Contractor
Middlesbrough Town Hall
Isaac Fidler was 28th Mayor and appears to have been a stonemason. A capsule exists under the foundation which contains a map of the town, corporation year book, coins, newspapers and a copy of Middlesbrough and Its Jubilee .

The ballfinial stone on the spire of the tower of these buildings was fixed by councillor Thomas Sanderson, Mayor of Middlesbrough, 29 December 1887. G.G. Hoskins F.R.I.B.A Architect. E. Atkinson. Contractor
Middlesbrough Town Hall
Thomas Sanderson was 33rd Mayor.

This town hall and municipal buildings were opened by their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales 23rd January 1889. Raylton Dixon Esq J.P.D.L. Mayor. George Bainbridge Esq, Town Clerk. G.G. Hoskins Esq F.R.I.B.A Architect.
Middlesbrough Town Hall

The Prince and Princess of Wales in 1889 became King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1901. Raylton Dixon was a shipbuilder and 34th Mayor of Middlesbrough.
royal documents 2011122 490

Warrenby Stench Pipe ?

Prompted by a comment about yesterdays stench pipe, I realised I had photographed another over a year ago and never used the photo.
Warrenby Lamp-post
I think at the time as I was undecided whether it was a stench pipe or an old lamp.

Its possibly shown in the right background of this old photo and theres nothing on top to indicate a lamp (although it could be a telegraph pole related to the railway line behind)

Mine Kibble – Cragg Hall, Brotton.

Although there was an ironstone mine immediately adjacent at Cragg Hall, this is modern and is presumably also from the shaft sinking of Boulby Potash mine in the 1970s like the nearby grab.
Kibble, Cragg Hall, Brotton
The link appears to be Peter Roberts, ex-manager of Boulby who lived in Brotton (sadly he appears to have passed away just a couple of years ago)
Kibble, Cragg Hall, Brotton
For comparison, here’s the 1800’s ironstone kibble at Pinchinthorpe.
Codhill Kibble