Zetland Lifeboat Museum

The Zetland Lifeboat Museum houses the oldest surviving lifeboat in the world, from 1802

Zetland Lifeboat, Redcar Zetland Lifeboat, Redcar   

Its has just gained its new heritage plaque recording that building was constructed in 1877 and had housed the Zetland since 1907, upstairs at the museum there is a fine collection of old photographs of Redcar.

Zetland Lifeboat, Redcar 

A coastwatch station, is located above the museum, they have a memorial plaque on the other side of the building to Captain James Lynn Elliot for his dedication to the Sea Safety group.

Zetland Lifeboat, Redcar 




Redcar Pier – Demolished 1981

Redcar Pier was built in 1873, it suffered numerous mishaps with ship collisions, fires, deliberate breaching in WW2 , damage by a mine explosion and storm damage before finally being demolished in 1981.

Redcar Pier Demolition 1981
Redcar Pier Demolition 1981
Redcar Pier Demolition 1981
Redcar Pier Demolition 1981
Redcar Pier Demolition 1981
Redcar Pier Demolition 1981
Redcar Pier Demolition 1981

The remains of the foundations can still be seen on the beach (Correction – as the new sea wall has since been extended I think this foundation is now gone)

Redcar Pier

Update 22/07/09 – The location of the pier has just been marked with a new heritage plaque.

Redcar Pier


Victoria Pier, Coatham, Redcar

The Victoria Pier was built in 1875 and intended to be 2000ft long, the Griffin and Corrymbus collided with it in a storm in 1874 before it was even complete and it was shortened by 200ft.

The pier had two two pavilions, the first an indoor skating rink. The second pavilion located in the middle of the pier, was for band concerts.

Regent Cinema, Redcar, Victoria Pier.

In 1898 the Birger collided with the pier,  splitting it in two and leading to its closure closed.


In 1923 the end of the pier was renovated and a glass and metal pavillion placed on top.


In 1928 this was in turn demolished and the New Pavilion Theatre built which finally became the Regent Cinema in the 1960s

Regent Cinema, Redcar Regent Cinema, Redcar

The original Redcar Railway Station

The original 1846 Redcar railway station was located just near the town clock, its long gone and the site is now a modern building. However one of the new Redcar Heritage plaques has very recently been erected there.

Original Railway Station, Redcar 
The location can be seen marked as “Central Hall” in this previous post about the railway cottages

King Edward VII Memorial Clock

The clock was originally intended to be built for the coronation of King Edward VII but insufficient funds were raised and it was not built opened until 1913 after he died.

King Edward VII Memorial Clock, Redcar  

The clock was built on the boundary of Redcar and Coatham, William Duncan was the architect, Robert Richardson made the clock’s mechanism and the builder was John Dobson.

The opening ceremony took place on Wednesday 29th January 1913.

King Edward VII Memorial Clock, Redcar 

After many years of campaigning by Vera Robinson, the clock was finally restored to full working order in 2006

Wainstones, Cleveland Hills

The Wainstones are a huge natural rock formation, very popular with climbers


There are vast formations such as one resembling a Sphinx head (note climber in for scale to the bottom right of the photo below right)
Wainstones Wainstones

There are inscriptions all over the rocks, from very modern graffiti to much older beautifully carved names and dates.

Wainstones  Wainstones

Wainstones  Wainstones

There is an inscription somewhere which I failed to find and photograph that was alleged by antiquarians to be a memorial inscription to a slain Danish chieftain, although other explanations were later given that sounds a lot more plausible.