Marton Hall Colonnade, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough

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This is all that remains of Henry Bolckows residence, built in 1856. The original building showing the colonnade can be seen here
Marton Hall, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough
Marton Hall, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough
Marton Hall, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough
The house burnt down just before it was due to be demolished in 1960, it is now the site of the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. and has some interesting Totem Poles outside. Northwest Coast Canadian totem pole by Tim Paul and Richard Hunt (1979) and Community totem pole by North East carver David Gross (2006)
Totum Poles, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough
Also theres the Marton Moai made with stone from Aislaby
Easter Island Head, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough
Finally a short distance to the west, stands a garden temple
Gothic Temple, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough

Update 6/12/11
As part of the renovation of the park, the colonnade has been cleared of graffiti and the template cleaned and repaired.
Stewart Park Temple

Bottle of Notes Scupture, Middlesbrough

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The Bottle of Notes by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen has been in Middlesbrough since 1993. Their website includes interesting photos of the construction and transportation of the sculpture

 Middlesbrough Bottle Of Notes

The outer text is from the 1768 ships log of Captain James Cook.

“We had every advantage we could desire in observing the whole of the passage of the planet Venus over the Sun’s disc”

The inner text is from a poem written by Coosje van Brugen

“I like to remember seagulls in full flight gliding over the ring of canals.”

St Germains Church, Captain Cooks Fathers Grave

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Only the tower of St Germains remains, built in 1160. The church was rebuilt in 1821 but again demolished in 1950 with exception of the Tower.

St Germains Church, Marske St Germains Church, Marske

Captain Cooks father is buried here, he died in 1779 six weeks after Cook himself, although never knew his sons death.

Captain Cooks Fathers Grave - St Germains Church 

The current headstone is erected in the memory of James Robinson who was lost as sea in 1904. The grave is also reputed to have been visited by Charles Dickens.