TC Armitage Ghostsign, Shildon

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This photo was sent to me by Aaron late last year, from Maddison Street / Station Street Shildon.
TC Armitage Ghostsign. Shildon
T.C. Armitage.
Radios, Appliances, Electrical Components, Lamps, Fancyware, Toys, Bags, Crockery, Rugs, Mats, General Hardware Dealer, Paraffin.

I suspect it might be gone soon (if not already) as part of the building is already a house and windows have been installed.

Back in 2009 the whole lot was a shell and still had a shop front.


Old Posters / Ghostsigns / Lobster Hotel Redcar

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These old advertisement have been revealed by the removal of a billboard near the Lobster Hotel.
Redcar Old Poster, Ghostsign

The Benson and Hedges poster is fairly obvious, but what about the one on the left ?
Redcar Old Poster, Ghostsign
Someone serving bread rolls in a uniform, but what for ? Flights or Railways ? 1980s ?
What looks like “Darlington to” in text made me think trains, but the logo doesn’t look like a British Rail one.

Can anyone identify it ?:

Frank Wild, Antarctic explorer.

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John Robert Francis Wild was born on the 10th of April 1873 in Skelton.

Wikipedia informs us :-

In 1901 he was a member of Robert Falcon Scott’s crew as an Able seaman on the Discovery, along with Ernest Shackleton who was then a sub-lieutenant.
He was with Shackleton on the Nimrod Expedition 1908–1909 and was a member of the team that crossed the Ross Barrier and Beardmore Glacier at a record latitude of 88º23’S.
In 1911 he joined Douglas Mawson’s Aurora expedition and was in charge of the western base on the Shackleton Ice Shelf.
He served as Shackleton’s second-in-command on Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–1916).
He was second-in-command of the Shackleton–Rowett Expedition (1921–22).

A more extensive biography and photos can be found here

Frank Wild

I was always doomed to failure, trying to get a decent photo of something behind glass in a well lit building.

Victoria Cross, Lastingham

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Victoria Cross overlooks the village of Lastingham
Victoria Cross, Lastingham

The base carries an inscription “Victoria R.I 1897” which relates to the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria for which it was erected.

R.I. stands for Regina et Imperatrix (Queen and Empress) Victoria Cross, Lastingham
The other side carries the inscription “V.R. 1837” marking the start of her reign.
Victoria Cross, Lastingham

Downe Arms – Liverton Ghostsign (currently the Waterwheel)

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The outer wall of the waterwheel in Liverton has the remains of a painted sign for an old licensee.
Downe Arms - Waterwheel Liverton
Francis Pybus of the Downe Arms, his family are listed on the 1891 census as follows.

Downe Arms
Francis Pybus / head / M / 57 / Liverton, Yks
Jane Pybus / wife / 48 / Lofthouse, Yks
Francis Pybus / son / S / 24 / Liveton, Yks
Sarah Pybus / daug / S / 20 / Liverton, Yks
Thomas Pybus / son / S / 19 / Liverton, Yks
John Pybus / son / S / 17 / Liverton, Yks
Annie Pybus / daug / S / 14 / Liverton, Yks
Joseph H Forster / son in law / M / 27 / Lealholm, Yks
Mary Forster / daug / M / 22 / Liverton, Yks